Where children grow

From 13 June 2018

This original exhibition generously provided by the Swedish Embassy in Buenos Aires and the Swedish Institute (Svenska Institutet) illustrates one of the most important values of literature: the fact that stories widen horizons.

Access to a literature in which all children find themselves included and in which they can feel like participants is of prime importance, both for Sweden and for UNESCO and, fundamentally for the achievement of the United Nations 2030 Agenda Goals: to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

This exhibition seeks to foster mutual understanding and knowledge, essential in the case of children and young people. Astrid Lindgren was perhaps the person who expressed this best: “good literature gives a child a place in the world and the world a place in a child”.

Literature offers unique possibilities as a vehicle to promote gender equality, considering that books are powerful levers for social change by disseminating universal values. The same values that Victoria Ocampo proclaimed throughout her life as a pioneer in the struggle for gender equality in South America and that still inspire us to generate awareness of the fact that, in order to build open, just and inclusive societies, the invisible needs to be made visible.

The diversity of cultural expressions will continue to be difficult if women cannot participate in all areas of cultural life, as creators and producers..
UNESCO Report Reshaping Cultural Policies (2018)


My Trade. My story

Appreciation of crafts trades of excellence in Argentina

In line with the Campaign #ComprometidosConElPatrimonioyLaCreatividad, (Engaged with Heritage and Creativity) the Comité Colbert, UNESCO and the Federal Public Media and Content System of Argentina launched a competition in which outstanding craftspeople from all over the country can show their trade and their life stories. Ver más…