Transatlantic dialogues: Anne-Christine Taylor

Anne-Christine Taylor reflects on the challenges of Cultural Diversity in the age of globalization.

December 2016

Dialogue Cultural and Biological Diversity, Jane Goodall

Celebration of Cultural and Biological Diversity.

Only with awareness of diversity is it possible to protect wealth, not only of the tangible and intangible heritage, but also of the natural heritage.

May 2016.

Cultural Worlds – Exhibition on Heritage as a Continuous Dialogue

Cultural Worlds, Exhibition on Heritage as a Continuous Dialogue. Dr. Frank – Walter Steinmeier, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany opened the exhibition on Cultural Worlds. The Cultural Conservation Programme of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany has been in operation since 1981. Dialogue on Cultural Diversity and Heritage as Tools for Peace, coordinated by the Germany Embassy in Buenos Aires.

Jane Goodall visits Villa Ocampo

Dr. Jane Goodall and the challenge of preserving the world’s cultural and biological diversity.
November 2015.

Celebration of Biological and Cultural Diversity at UNESCO sites

It is only with awareness of diversity that will enable the protection of wealth, including the tangible and intangible heritage as well as the natural heritage.

May 2016.

Dialogue Gender Equality in Films and Theatre Victoria Ocampo and China Zorrilla: A shared passion.

Reflecting on conquests and limitations in the struggle for gender equality in the Rio de la Plata.

September 2016

Transatlantic dialogues: Philippe Descola

The French anthropologist, Philippe Descola, together with the Argentine anthropologist Florencia Tola, reflect on the challenges of Cultural Diversity in the age of globalization.

Tomoko Ohno at Villa Ocampo

Tomoko Ohno and Yamile Burich discuss the role of women on the jazz scenario.

March 2016

Stop illegal trafficking

Illegal trafficking


Palmira at Villa Ocampo

Activity to bring awareness about the seriousness of the destruction of World Heritage, with the emblematic example of Palmira.

April 2016